Neon Memories

Neon Install Guide

Your new neon sign comes with a mounting kit, this adds a professional and classy finish to the sign!

  1. With a pencil, make a dash in the centre of each pre-made hole on the neon. This is where your screws will go. 
  2. Using a drill, create a pilot hole for each point you have just marked.
  3. Screw the provided wall plugs into each pilot hole.
  4. Place one screw into the mounting base.
  5. Drill the screw/mounting base into each wall plug.
  6. Secure your sign to the mounting base with the large screw and a plastic washer on each side of the neon. 
  7. Repeat for each mount.
  8. Turn that bad boy on and enjoy!

An alternative and very popular method to install your neon is using 3M Velcro Strips. These can be purchased at most Supermarkets, Bunnings or Kmart. 

  1. Ensure the back of your neon sign is clean and dust free.
  2. Place the 3M strips on the back of the sign, hiding them by placing each strip behind the tubes of neon (So that you can’t see them from the front).
  3. Install as per the instructions on the package. 

Note: Depending on how large your neon sign is will depend on how many strips you require.