Neon Memories

Our Guarantee

24 Month Warranty
100% Money Back

We understand you still might be hesitant if this neon sign is right for you… and you may be feeling like you are unsure if our small little Australian Owned business can deliver what we promise.

We get it, and we want you to sleep easy if you decide to purchase your neon sign from us!

We want to give you as much reassurance as we possibly can about the quality of your neon sign and here is how we can do that…

Neon Memories

Neon Memories can guarantee that you will absolutely love your sign and all the juicy amazing benefits that come with it;
  • Adding an amazing personal touch that you just won’t find at any other event 

  • Your neon will enhance any space, event or business apart from the rest

  • And get ready for those jaw dropping moments of complete admiration for your custom design

We also give you peace of mind

by 100% fully guaranteeing that if you are not absolutely amazed and impressed by our product you get your money back!!

If you are not satisfied with how your new neon looks once you hang it, plug it in and light that bad boy up, or don’t think it works as well as we have said, then just send us an email and we’ll give you all your money back as fast as you gave it to us.

No ifs, buts, whys or long drawn out emails back and forth like so many companies do these days. If you are not completely satisfied we wouldn’t feel like we did our job to provide you with the best neon sign on the market.

So what are you waiting for?

You have nothing to lose and no risks to take here!
*All monies will be refunded once the sign is returned to Neon Memories.
Postage costs will also be refunded to the customer